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02 March 2018

Translocation of Dianthus morisianus, one of the most threatened plants of Sardinia

Dianthus morisianus (Caryophyllaceae), the only psammophilous taxon belonging to the Dianthus sylvestris Wulf. complex, is a perennial suffrutex characterized by numerous woody stocks and erect stems, and by a basal rosette with thin and linear leaves.

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29 January 2018

In situ conservation actions for Limonium mucronulatum at Larnaca salt lake, Cyprus

Limonium mucronulatum is an erect perennial, glaucous herb, flowering from June to August and fruiting from July to September. It is endemic to Cyprus and occurs on the margins of Larnaca salt lake, in openings of halophytic scrub, near the sea level.

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29 January 2018

In situ conservation actions for Maresia nana var. glabra at Gialia area, Cyprus

Maresia nana var. glabra is an annual herb, flowering from March to April and fruiting from April to May. The variety is endemic to Cyprus, confined to the coastal zone between Polis Chrysochous and Agia Marina (Gialia area), near sea level.

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26 January 2018

Advancement of ex situ conservation by the HBK team

The CARE-MEDIFLORA team in Sardinia (Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus, HBK) is actively involved in the ex situ conservation actions of the project. To date more than 80 selected target species, for a total of 123 seed lots, have been collected.

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18 January 2018

Population introduction for Kosteletzkya pentacarpos, threatened plant of Corsica

The five-fruited hibiscus, Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb., is a discontinuous taxon. It is found in the west of the Mediterranean basin (Spain, Balearic Islands, Corsica and Italy); then in Russia at the Caspian Sea and in Asia Minor. It is absent from the French mainland.

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Mediterranean Plant Specialist Group (IUCN/SSC) Sóller Botanical Garden Foundation, Balearic Islands Office of the Environment of Corsica - National Botanical Academy of Corsica Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus, Sardinia University of Catania, Sicily Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete Agricultural Research Institute, Cyprus Department of Forests, Cyprus