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About project actions 

in Balearic Islands

25 May 2018 - CARE-mediflora team at Mallorca​, 15-17 May 2018

2 May 2018 - The television program “Méteo, Temps i Natura” made a broadcast about the CARE-MEDIFLORA project, the importance of ex situ conservation in the seed bank and showed one of the in situ actions carried out in Majorca:

Other articles:


in Corsica



in Sardinia


in Sicily


in Crete

Several articles about the project and its activities:

Several publications in local media in view of CARE-MEDIFLORA information day at Anogeia, Crete, 30 November 2018:


in Cyprus

Article in main stream daily press, Politis newspaper, at (GR, 26 March 2018) 



MAVA Foundation

Mediterranean Plant Specialist Group (IUCN/SSC) Sóller Botanical Garden Foundation, Balearic Islands Office of the Environment of Corsica - National Botanical Academy of Corsica Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus, Sardinia University of Catania, Sicily Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete Agricultural Research Institute, Cyprus Department of Forests, Cyprus