Communication and awareness campaign on a highly urbanized site of Silene velutina Loisel. in Corsica

20 February 2019

Thumb silene velutina corsica

Silene velutina is an endemic species of Corsica and Sardinia whose populations are threatened by urbanization and human activities.

Thus, this taxon is in strong regression on the sector of Casetta Bianca (commune of Porto-Vecchio). The main causes of regression are: 1) urbanization and development works that it induces (low walls, landscaping, ...), and 2) coastal erosion. The action aims to strengthen the population, but also the information and awareness of landowners on which stations are located.

Prior to the action, all the necessary authorizations were obtained:
- oral authorization of private owners (written certificates are expected),
- oral authorization of DDTM 2A, for the Public Maritime Domain (DPM) (a written certificate is expected),
- ministerial authorization to work on a species protected by law.

The reinforcement took place on February 13, 2019 on private plots. 90 one-year and eight-month old plants were introduced on a coastal shelf, in relatively protected areas, near Juniperus phoenicea in the public maritime domain and in the gardens of private owners. Areas returned by wild boars have been avoided.

The operation was carried out quite late in the season (February 2019 instead of November 2018), because the CEN Corse, charged by the DREAL Corse to pilot the operation, had great difficulty in identifying and contacting private owners, most of which are present on their property only a few months or even a few days a year. For the same reasons, the seedlings used are relatively old. Thus, the results of this operation are uncertain. It will nonetheless help to raise the awareness of private owners who seem interested in the operation and who are ready to invest in particular for watering the plants during the summer season.

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