Presentation of the CARE MEDIFLORA project to the Regional Scientific Council of Natural Heritage and the National Conference of Biodiversity, Corsica

25 October 2017

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Regional Scientific Council of Natural Heritage, Corsica
The Regional Scientific Council for Natural Heritage (CSRPN) is composed of 22 members, a president and two vice-presidents. Members are chosen for their scientific skills. They are appointed for 5 years and are intended to advise local authorities on topics related to natural heritage. Their consultation is obligatory in the case of an operation carried out on protected species.

When submitting applications for exemption for the collection, use or transport of protected plant species to the CSRPN on May 10, 2017, the Conservatoire National Botanique de Corse (CBNC) presented the CARE-MEDIFLORA project.

National Conference of Biodiversity, Corsica
The 7th National Conference on Biodiversity was held in Ajaccio from 5 to 7 July 2017. These National Conferences contribute to structure future policies in terms of biodiversity and the environment, at the national level.

30 sessions and workshops brought together 700 regional and national participants and thousands of environmental actors, professionals and local elected representatives. The newly established French Agency for Biodiversity (Agence Française pour la biodiversité) was present at the event.

20 stands were presented in the lobby including the Office of the Environment of Corsica and CBNC.

CBNC presented its missions to the public, including the CARE-MEDIFLORA project, distributing information leaflets.


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