Advancement of ex situ conservation by the HBK team

26 January 2018

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The CARE-MEDIFLORA team in Sardinia (Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus, HBK) is actively involved in the ex situ conservation actions of the project. To date more than 80 selected target species, for a total of 123 seed lots, have been collected.

Most of the seeds have been stored at long term conditions (-25°C) at the Sardinian Germplasm Bank (BG-SAR), and seed curation is still in progress for some seed lots collected in late Autumn 2017. Part of seed lot samples were used to perform germination experiments in order to determine the best germination conditions for the selected taxa. In addition, a total of 52 accessions were sent to the Seed Bank of the University of Catania (BGS-CT) as duplicates.

Left: Mature seeds of Gentiana lutea L. subsp. lutea 
Right: Seed collecting of Bituminaria morisiana (Pignatti et Metlesics) Greuter

Left: Seed curation at BG-SAR
Right: Germinated seeds of Santolina insularis (Gennari et Fiori) Arrigoni

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